Is It Time to Buy Now?

If you listen to the president of the National Association of Realtors you might think so. But does President Phipps really know what he is talking about? The opinion of an actual working real estate agent, that’s me, differs greatly. Find out why:

Forget About It, After ALL It’s Your Place!

Ask several individuals to help you define their intepretation of home and you will most likely get very different answers. Nonetheless, the common denominator for most is having a place to be able to call your very own, a place where lives and everyday experiences can unfold and a space to occupy with the folks and stuff that really mean probably the most to us. Folks are re-prioritizing and are focusing on what really matters to them. Home as investment has taken a back seat to livability, the new, more practical motivator. Searching for a home which isn’t too big, not too small but “just right” is not just a Goldilocks’ request; you’ll find it’s what people are trying to find. Multipurpose floor plans or suggestions for using typical spaces in atypical ways allow you to plug your lifestyle perfectly into a house and imagine the alternatives over and above what is now there: I actually don’t need another bedroom; I would like a very huge closet!

NAR Spins the Truth Again

Stretch the TruthThis years president of the National Association of Realtors, Ron Phipps, just stated in a blog dated Feb 24, 2011, "We're unlocking credit markets, fighting attacks on home ownership, boosting the economy, and reaching out to consumers. Is it paying off? Home sales are rising, and home ownership is still a core American value.” Notice I said this years president. NAR changes presidents every year. Have you ever seen a major national organization of this size (1.2M+ members) change presidents every year? Did you ever wonder if the idea behind the president's

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Are Real Estate Agents ALL Infected? Part 2

DoctorAs you can see from “Are Real Estate Agents ALL Infected? Part 1” I have been able to diagnosis the agent is infected with a dose of STUPID, but I still didn't know how far the infection had spread.

I continued to dialog with the agent who finally admitted they were trying to obtain a listing and that was the real reason for the call. They finally told me who they where and what company they were associated with. I now realized STUPID had progressed far enough that the agent had forgotten the

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What Do You Mean Price Up Sales Down?

Going UpIsn’t all the real estate lingo today confusing? When home prices are up and sales prices are down but the national average is up and the local average is down what do you do? The answer – learn the lingo! <a href=””></a>

Are Real Estate Agents ALL Infected? Part 1

DoctorI recently had one of my own properties listed for sale with my company Why would anyone list anywhere else? Right! At the end of 2010 I let my listing expire after deciding to keep my investment property throughout winter. That's when I received the call from what appeared to be an infected real estate agent. At first I wasn't sure of the infection and needed to get more information for a proper diagnosis. Even though the first symptom was spot on, as a good broker I wanted to see if they had any other symptoms that might confirm my diagnosis.


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Fewer People Get Foreclosure Help in Q3 of 2010

The number of foreclosed homes rose over the summer after fewer people at risk received assistance lowering their monthly mortgage payments, a new report shows.

About 470,000 homeowners received help either directly from banks or through government programs in the July-September quarter, according to a report released Wednesday by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and Office of Thrift Supervision. That's a 17 percent drop from the previous quarter and a decline of 32 percent from the same period last year.

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Kansas Real Estate Market Stablizing in December 2010

StableAfter five months of declining numbers, Kansas home sales were stable in December 2010 compared to the same period last year, according to new figures released by the Kansas Association of REALTORS®. Sales totaled 2,032 units in December, just one more than the 2,031 units in 2009. In comparison, sales on a national level decreased 2.9% for the month.

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No Longer the Lone Ranger

Loaded with DebtThe individual who finds themselves mired in indebtedness can be overwhelmed by not only the experience, but the burden of owing another individual or organization a substantial amount of money.  Often the reality of the indebtedness can crush an individual’s spirit and leave them feeling forsaken and enveloped in complete darkness without any shred of light.

That is why it is important for such an individual to seek out a support group that will help to maintain focus and provide encouragement and support.

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Sell Your Home Quickly Using These 9 Staging Tips

Polls show that home staging pays off and can help to sell a home much faster and you don’t have to spend thousands to make a big impact. Here are a few simple tips to put your home center stage:

1. First Impressions Make A Giant Difference. Roll out the red carpet for potential home buyers by sprucing up your entryways, especially the one your agent has placed the lockbox to access your home. Welcome mats and clutter-free hallways set the stageUnknown Object right upon entering your home. It say to the buyer – the owners are proud of their home. Continue reading “Sell Your Home Quickly Using These 9 Staging Tips” »

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